Find your way back to who you were created to Be. 



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We want to see you recognize the beauty around you, bring love and kindness into your life, and be free of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ labels, so you can feel calm and are free to confidently face whatever life brings.

Because when you do that, you give others permission to do, and be, the same.



Easier said than done sometimes. Which is why Your True You Journey helps you peel back the layers of:

  • Black and white thinking, leading to control and release cycles
  • The harsh inner critic that says ‘I’m not enough’
  • Fears of failure, rejection, the unknown, and missing out

Underneath all these layers you’ll find your wants, needs, desires, strengths, vulnerabilities, and a deeper form of self-expression waiting for you. You will find the freedom that lies with your preservative, GMO, and label-free, true identity.


Uncover your True You during an 8 week group program that combines teaching, discussion, coaching, and self-reflection.

As you unlock your True You, you will

  • Uncover habits that are no longer serve you and your life.
  • Dismantle old cycles that are keeping you stuck.
  • Learn timeless lessons that will help you through each cycle of life.
  • Receive tools and resources to raise your awareness and help connect you to your truth.
  • Build relationships that support your growth.
  • Feel at ease, confident, motivated, and free.
Program Outline & Details:

Your True You Journey helps you integrate the following True You Truths into your life:



You will explore these timeless truths through:

  • 8 group sessions (in person or on-line depending on which program you choose)
  • An accompanying workbook packed with practical, manageable, daily self-reflection tools and resources
  • One Momentum Call with Kendra or Liberty prior to first session so you can start off feeling prepared and grounded
Is this program right for me?

Does any of this sound familiar? You…

  • Know what’s good for you but you find you’re constantly self-sabotaging your wants, needs, and desires
  • Get stuck in deprive-indulge, control-release cycles
  • Don’t pursue your dreams because of fear of failure or rejection
  • Work hard and take loads of action but it is never enough, even when you get to the point of burnout
  • Find decision making difficult because neither the ‘Yes’ or the ‘No’ feel good
  • Are anxious and stressed because you never know if you’re doing the right thing
  • Feel lonely even when you are surrounded by great family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Lack purpose even when your life or career seems to be on track.

Does any of this manifest into…

  • Disordered eating or an eating disorder?
  • Low self-esteem and confidence?
  • Feeling stuck in a relationship?
  • Dissatisfaction with career or academic studies choice?
  • Relationship with money that feels out of control?
  • Feeling lost and without a purpose?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Your True You Journey has helped others just like you break these cycles and experience healing from eating disorders, anxiety, self-sabotage, and the ‘never enough’ critic. It’s helped others just like you find an authentic form of self-expression, and confidence in who they really are.

Here’s what past participants have to say:

“Well, I can honestly say it has been the making of me- I was always negative of ‘group therapy’ but wow, there is no way on Earth I could of got to where I am now without the wonderful group of ladies that helped me on my way, believe me I tried! Kendra gave me true guidance from the heart and from experience, and the ladies in the group always gave their wise words. Going to workshop on a Sunday was my ‘safe place’, it was a time and a place where I could allow my emotions to flow and allow my heart to open to everything in store! I’ve learnt a lot about myself so far and I know that I will continue learning with the tools I have learnt and strengths I have accustomed. I can’t be more thankful that I was given the opportunity with taking part in the True You Journey. Myself, friends, and family, have seen a change that needed to happen. The True You Journey can be moulded to suit any individual and is appropriate for any struggles someone may be facing- even if they don’t know exactly what the struggle is!” – Leanne


“This gave me my life back.” – Emily


“I loved the essence of the journal and particularly the personal stories and experiences as I found myself saying to myself ‘Yeah, me too!’ quite a lot. It was really nice to remind myself I am not alone. I have seen a lot of change in my spiritual growth; I’m allowing downtime and creating awareness around self-sabotaging.”- Jo

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Time: The time investment for Your True You Journey is a minimum of eight 2 hour group sessions. We ask for an up front commitment from yourself to attend at least 6 out of the 8 group sessions. To get the most out of the program, we recommend setting aside on average 30 minutes each day for the duration of the program for self-reflection and application of the tools and resources you’ll be given.

Energy: The energetic investment is really up to you. You will get out of Your True You Journey what you put into it. We’re here to help support you in lifestyle changes that can help support you focusing your energy into yourself during the program and beyond.

Money: The in-person program cost is £95. The virtual group program is £76/$95.

We’re aware (from personal experience!) that at times, investing financially into ourselves means a critical need such as food or shelter can’t be met, and so we’re offering partial and full scholarship opportunities so your desire to participate can become a reality.

We ask that you honestly assess your situation. Some helpful questions to consider are:

  • How often do I say I can’t afford something?
  • Where do I have a choice of where I spend my money?
  • How would it feel to invest £25, £50 or £100 into my personal growth?
  • Where can I make a change in order to do that?

After reflecting on your situation, schedule a 30 minute conversation with Kendra  or Liberty to apply for a scholarship if needed.

I’m ready to begin!

Great! We are personally enrolling each person into the program. Right now you can join the waitlist and you will be the first to know when the next on-line program begins.

Want to Upgrade your journey?

You have 3 options for extra support and care during your journey! These offers are exclusive to True You Journey participants. To choose any of these add-ons, contact Kendra & Liberty directly (you can use the form below).

A Guided Tour

You’ll have one support call with Kendra or Liberty to help guide you out of the woods and get additional clarity as you climb your mountain.

In Person: £150 Including the course

Online: £140/$165 including the course

(We’ve reduced our regular coaching rates by 33% so you get the most from your journey.)

Journey with a Sherpa

You’ll have 4 support calls with Kendra or Liberty to help integrate what you are learning and accelerate your progress.

In Person: £275 Including the course

Online: £295/$340 including the course

(We’ve reduced our regular coaching rates by 40% so you get the care you need.)

Self-Care Package

You get 3 of our favourite Naturally Nourished products to add some pamper and pleasure to your journey.

For an additional £32/$39 you get our Cleanse & Protect face scrub, and our own unique Gratitude and Sacred Grounding essential oil blends.

(You save 25% on this bundle of joy compared to individual purchases.)

I’ve got Questions!

We’d love to hear them! Send us a note below and we’ll get to you ASAP.

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