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 Join us for the next group program of Your True You Journey starting May 23rd at Urban Zen Yoga & Movement Cafe in Swansea, Wales.

Participating in a group program of Your True You Journey gives you:


A caring community,


Personalized support,


Accountability as you cultivate greater self-care, confidence, creativity and courage.

Your True You Journey runs from Wednesday May 23rd, through July 25th with 9 in-person group sessions. We follow the topics laid out in the study-guide, What to do when Life Stops Working.


Week 1: Setting Intention: Evaluate where in your life you want to intentionally apply what you learn over the course of the next 8 weeks, and prepare to make space in your day to day life to integrate change.


Week 2: It’s OK to Let Go: Identify all-or-nothing thinking patterns that keeps you stuck, and practice finding sustainable 3rd options.


Week 3: My Presence is Enough: You get to stare down your inner critic, releasing judgement and starting a practice of gratitude for life and yourself.


Week 4: Love Never Fails: Explore the underbelly of Fear, and identify caring and courageous actions that minimize the impact of anxiety and fear.


Week 5: Free to be Me: Re-connect to your feelings, your needs, and what does and doesn’t work for your life, so that you have a strong foundation to create healthy boundaries in relationships.


Week 6: Truth Sets me Free: Learn how to counteract engrained ‘shoulds’ and other limiting ways of thinking, with objective perspective, connecting you to your own personal ‘next right move’.


Week 7: My Body is Mine to Celebrate: Apply what you’ve been practicing to your relationship with your body, cultivating confidence from the inside out.


Week 8: I am here to Shine: Humbly remind yourself of your brilliance as you identify the strengths you’ve been given, that contribute to your community.


Week 9: Create a New Story: Pull everything together and identify your non-negotiables. Choose the new story for your life as you continue your journey.


Your True You Journey starts in Swansea on May 23, 2018 and meets on the following dates from 6:30-8:30pm:

May 23

May 30

June 6

June 13

June 27

July 4

July 11

July 18

July 25

Past participants have said that one of the most valuable parts of the program is having other people to journey with.

Hearing each other’s stories and celebrating each other’s wins has given them the fuel to keep going.


While course participation does not require 100% attendance, I ask for a commitment to attend 7 out of the 9 sessions. Your presence matters!



Your True You Journey is £175 and includes a hard copy of the study guide, What to do When Life Stops Working.

Course participants receive 10% off coaching for the duration of the course.


Contact Kendra Tanner directly at or 079 4237 4879 to register. Partial and full scholarships are available. Contact Kendra to apply.

Here’s what others have to say:


“Well, I can honestly say it has been the making of me. I was always negative of ‘group therapy’ but wow, there is no way on Earth I could of got to where I am now without the wonderful group of ladies that helped me on my way, believe me I tried! Kendra gave me true guidance from the heart and from experience, and the ladies in the group always gave their wise words. Going to workshop on a Sunday was my ‘safe place’, it was a time and a place where I could allow my emotions to flow and allow my heart to open to everything in store! I’ve learnt a lot about myself so far and I know that I will continue learning with the tools I have learnt and strengths I have accustomed. I can’t be more thankful that I was given the opportunity with taking part in the True You Journey. Myself, friends, and family, have seen a change that needed to happen. The True You Journey can be moulded to suit any individual and is appropriate for any struggles someone may be facing- even if they don’t know exactly what the struggle is!” – Leanne

“My life changed drastically for the better. I learned to value myself, care for myself, and cut toxic relationships out of my life.” – Becki

“The group work was absolutely my favourite part. Sharing our journeys was really useful.” – Natasha

“I loved the essence of the journal and particularly the personal stories and experiences as I found myself saying to myself ‘Yeah, me too!’ quite a lot. It was really nice to remind myself I am not alone. I have seen a lot of change in my spiritual growth; I’m allowing downtime and creating awareness around self-sabotaging.”- Jo

“This gave me my life back.” – Emily


Want to Upgrade your Journey?

kendra tanner, the true you projectYou have 2 options for extra support and care during your journey! These offers are exclusive to True You Journey participants. To choose any of these add-ons, contact Kendra directly (you can use the form below).





Walk with a Guide

Add on one support call with Kendra to guide you out of the woods and get  clarity.

£235 including the course

(You save 20% on the coaching session.)

Journey with a Sherpa

Add on 4 support calls with Kendra to integrate what you are learning and accelerate your progress.

£385 Including the course

(You save 30% on the coaching sessions.)

I’ve got Questions!

I’d love to hear them! Send us a note below and we’ll get to you ASAP.

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