What to do when life stops working:

You know those times when you look around your life and you think, “Yeah, this is NOT where I thought I’d be. Life clearly isn’t working for me.”

Maybe something drastic has happened, like an unexpected out-of-the-blue eruptive end to a relationship.


Or maybe you got here more like a slow drip; years of ignoring your inner wisdom. You’ve known for awhile your exercise and eating habits are more than just a dedicated fitness routine.


Whatever the circumstances, when life stops working, the knee-jerk reaction is to quickly try to find the ‘right’ answer and fix the situation.


Maybe that looks like:


  • Switching from a gym rat to a yogi (tried that).
  • Choosing a partner with a cute accent (because the accent clearly means they won’t break your heart, right?)
  • Changing your job and moving cities (or in my case, countries).


the true you project, what to do when life stops working

Thing is, these external changes forget the most important factor in the equation: YOU.

I’ve tried all those quick fixes, and while at times there was a temporary sigh of relief, the longer lasting inner peace has only come after I was willing to take a look at myself.

And develop a foundation of Trust, Acceptance, and Courage, so that I could step out of the debilitating cycles of:

  • Trying to control everything and then giving up when it’s not going to plan (yo-yo dieting anyone?)
  • Doubting and criticising myself, even though I really want to belief I am worth it
  • Worried what others might think of me, and never fully following my dreams


Does this sound familiar? If so, I’d like to invite you to try something different.


It’s not a quick fix. To be honest, it can feel like a huge mountain to climb.


BUT it is filled with life affirming, empowering, and loving actions pretty much every step of the way.


I call it Your True You Journey.


And while I can’t guarantee what your life will look like after, it always leads you to being more YOU.


The real you, underneath all the layers of who you think you’re supposed to be.

And in my book, that’s your life working.

It’s also the only sustainable solution to my eating disorder, and is becoming the solution for my current money disorder.

You can start Your True You Journey today.

First, just take a deep breath.


Maybe look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself the very thing you wish your best friend, or your husband, or your fairy godmother, or God, would sweep down and tell you.

For me, its this: “It’s going to be OK.”

your true you journey, what to do when life stops working

Now that you have given yourself what you need, next step:


Download your Kindle copy of Your True You Journey. It gives you bite size pieces to chew on each day for the next 8 weeks of your wonderful life.

Want more than just a book for when life stops working?


We’ve got you covered.


We are growing a community of women walking their own True You Journey. You’re invited to walk and practice with us on a daily basis. You can join us when you need to and leave us once you have what you need.


We also have in-person and on-line group programs for 2018 with official start and end dates, giving you accountability and individual guidance as you walk your path. Click here for more information.


And most importantly, remember this: No matter what you are facing, no matter how much it might feel like life isn’t working for you, you are strong, you are worthy, you are beautiful, capable, and who you are and what you do matters.


kendra tanner, the true you projectLots of love to you,


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