Fill in your own blank… body, business, career,  state of my kitchen, kids performance, marriage, lemon meringue pie, summer vacation plans, bank account… and see how true the statement feels.

It’s OK if it doesn’t ring 100% true, yet. That just means you are a normal human being who has learned how to survive in this world by linking your performance and achievements to your self-worth. Send yourself a quick ‘thank you’, because it’s probably served you well for a time.

It’s also probably absolutely exhausting you. The striving and trying, and working really hard to have your body, that lemon meringue pie, or, you know… just all of LIFE, meet the standards that you think are necessary to get by.

We know because we exhaust ourselves too sometimes. If Kendra can stay off her laptop while she’s cooking dinner that is like, roll out the red carpet! And if Liberty can be kind to herself when she needs to take a break instead of ticking one more thing off her to-do list, angels start singing. We’re practicing giving ourselves grace as we try on a way of life that creates space to BE more of us and DO less.

The fight that we had with our bodies has taught us that the practice of letting go and pressing pause is the #1 thing to build your day around, if you want to create a life where your self-worth is not based on what your ______ looks like.

We want to share with you the top 4 practices we’ve adopted that will give you a firm foundation to steer the boat of your life through calmer waters. Ones where there is space to be more YOU, and less of who you think you ‘should’ be.

  1. Practicing the Pause
  2. Connecting to the Present
  3. Finding Gratitude
  4. Creating Flow

These 4 practices are the top practical steps to reclaiming your life that dozens of women in our groups have brought home for themselves, and can’t stop marvelling at how life-changing they are.

The best part is? You can have these for FREE. We believe in them so much we can’t think of a single reason not to make it easy for you to have a summer where you can actually be your truest self and feel relaxed, calm, and present, no matter where you are.

We’ve spent way too many days of our lives where we might physically be somewhere, but our heads and our hearts are so far away because of all the noise of what we think we should be doing. We want something different for you.

We want you to enjoy life and have fun; whether you’re jumping waves at the beach, camping in the woods, or sipping wine with your friends in your backyard.

Reclaim your life and start being the person you know you want to be.


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