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Sacred Grounding Kit


The True You Sacred Grounding Kit is a cleansing, expansive experience of journaling, affirmations, and essential oils that will leave you feeling centered and grounded in who you are, and what’s next for your life.



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    I learned so much about myself from this journaling experience, and I learned that I am capable of facing things I am afraid to address. By approaching my thoughts in a serene, meditative way, I found an opening, and I found relief, closure, and a path forward. I let myself be vulnerable and I let myself think about things I try to avoid thinking (I’ll call that ‘things I like to sweep under the rug and forget about’ haha) and it was a thorough deep cleaning! I highly recommend the Sacred Grounding Compass!

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    I’ve been suffocating in my own body and home. Afraid to let go of possessions because of my sentimental nature. I realized though the grounding exercises “it’s ok to let go”! What am I afraid of as I hold all this stuff that I don’t love, don’t need! Memories are not connected to this stuff but in me, I need to honor my space. So in light of this with reflection I have been decluttering my home and mind. In what I can only say is because of my sacred grounding experience. I know there are deeper thing I will discover by continuing this journey and I am so thankful for the opportunity to make it happen!!

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