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Rest Essential Oil Blend


Finding it hard to slow down, relax, or just have a good night’s sleep because you can never seem to stay on top of that growing to-do list? “I’ll just finish that one more thing, and then I’ll call a friend, join the family outside, read my book.” Except you never do make that call, jump on the trampoline, or open the book.

That’s what Rest is for. To remind you that your presence is enough and that you’ve done enough for today. To give you the permission to enjoy life right this very minute without crossing anything else off the list. Use this combination of Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Clary Sage any time you need to physically and mentally stop what you’re doing and just be. For enhanced sleep, boost rub on the bottoms of your feet before you go to bed.


Our oil blends are handcrafted with love to nourish your body, heart, and soul, partnership with The Angel Project in the UK.

Each blend is carefully curated from Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, to take you where you want to go. Whether you are tired and need a good night’s sleep, or just want to feel supported and content, these blends are a wonderful way to layer your self-care.

The best part? No guesswork, the label says it all! Each 10mL roller bottle is blended with Fractionated Coconut oil for safe and effective usage, simply apply to pulse points, on the back of your neck, and over your heart. Try using several times a day for best results!


  1. Caitlin

    I use rest as part of my nightly ritual, and it is always so comforting! My fiancée has even started using it too. It helps him unwind after he gets off his shift in the evenings. We love it!


    As this sleeping essential oil blend helps the body relax, circulation is increased to the brain, which allows you to practice active visualization as a stress-relieving tactic.

    • Kendra Tanner

      Yes, that is a great point. Thanks!

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