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My True You Grounds


My True You Grounds helps you clear away the mental fog so you can make confident, caring, and courageous choices. It gives you what you need to create a daily practice of renewing your mind so you can stop the inner critic and fear-based perspectives, and create a new story where you value yourself, and are connected to your feelings and needs, and expressing your truth in relationships.


You get a beautifully designed two-sided card with journal prompts and affirmations, and a 10mL roller-bottle of our exclusive Ground essential oil blend. This blend is mixed with individual essential oils that we specifically selected to marry with the affirmations. Together you have a restorative experience at your fingertips for your mind and your heart.


Why this works:

  1. The journalling prompts guide you through a process of clearing out the old way of thinking and connecting to gratitude, forgiveness, your feelings, needs, desires, and helps identify what next step to take for your life. It keeps you present, slowing down your life so you can move forward one step at at time.
  2. The affirmations solidify the journalling, giving your mind the exact words to create new positive pathways in your brain.
  3. The essential oils work with your amygdala to release trauma and emotions that keep you stuck in current patterns.

We recommend using this process daily for at least 21 days to see sustainable change in the way you are relating to yourself and others.


  1. Corinne

    I learned so much about myself from this journaling experience, and I learned that I am capable of facing things I am afraid to address. By approaching my thoughts in a serene, meditative way, I found an opening, and I found relief, closure, and a path forward. I let myself be vulnerable and I let myself think about things I try to avoid thinking (I’ll call that ‘things I like to sweep under the rug and forget about’ haha) and it was a thorough deep cleaning! I highly recommend the Sacred Grounding Compass!

  2. Ellen Sanders

    I’ve been suffocating in my own body and home. Afraid to let go of possessions because of my sentimental nature. I realized though the grounding exercises “it’s ok to let go”! What am I afraid of as I hold all this stuff that I don’t love, don’t need! Memories are not connected to this stuff but in me, I need to honor my space. So in light of this with reflection I have been decluttering my home and mind. In what I can only say is because of my sacred grounding experience. I know there are deeper thing I will discover by continuing this journey and I am so thankful for the opportunity to make it happen!!

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