You’re invited to join our online women’s circle. We’re a group of wholehearted women practicing nourishment and self-care as a way out of disordered eating and living.

As a member of The Nourish Circle, you get weekly support to fully integrate True You principles and practices into your life,


Along with the inspiration and motivation from other women who are committed to doing the same.

It’s a space full of inspired encouragement and ‘me too’ moments that are the best kind of care when you’re feeling low and alone.


You know when you go on a course or a retreat and you feel totally heard and supported and excited for life?


And then you get back home and reality kicks in.


You’re not quite sure how to take everything you’ve just learned and apply it to your life in real-time…

That’s what The Nourish Circle is for!

It’s a place share you can bring your any-size wins to celebrate, and where you feel safe enough to share that time you…


…threw a pencil at your kid’s head,

…ate the whole pint of ice cream,

…had a panic attack when you couldn’t find your bank card,


and acknowledge oops, I’m not perfect, and I want to choose a new story for next time.

You don’t have to wait for everyone’s schedule to line up to experience the support of a community where everyone knows your name, and your story.

And you don’t have to wait for the next course or retreat to have options of how to do life differently.  

This means you can have on-going support as you practice the bite-size steps that will lovingly lead you out of deprive-indulge cycles.

Plus a place to park your feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

You can join the entry-level tier of our online women’s circle, Nourish Your Heart, with a monthly membership.



The best part? You get to pick your price! Layer your self-care and support throughout the year without breaking the bank.


You can join our online women’s circle for as little as $1 a month, or whatever other number rings true for your heart (our average subscription rate is $15-20/month).


Remember, you and your financial situation are neither too little or too much. Your contribution is enough!

As a member you receive the following level of care:

Weekly guidance videos in your inbox: To help you ground and focus on integrating one new way of thinking, creating, resting, moving, and relating to yourself and others each week. Topics will follow the Your True You Journey program themes, at a pace that allows you to breathe as you are trying on new ways of responding to life.


Real-time encouragement and support: From us, and from the community, through connection in our private facebook group. This is where your heart gets nurtured because you are in safe community with people who totally get your story.


Participation in local meetups: Because who doesn’t love laughing at our collective quirks over a green juice, or glass of wine? Not in our local hood? Get in touch, we’ll help you establish your own group.


Discounts! You get 10% off True You oil blends, private coaching, and other tools as a Nourish Circle member.

Here’s how you join our online women’s circle:

We are using Paypal’s Automatic Billing option to receive your donation. Enter the amount you want to contribute on a monthly basis in the field below.


Find us on facebook and request to join (If you don’t use Facebook, let us know. We are exploring other platform options for the future. You will still get weekly guidance and accountability as well as participation in local and on-line meetups. And of course the discount!).

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It’s that simple. Hope to see you there!

Lots of Love,

Lib & Ken









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