You’re Invited

Wouldn’t it be great to know that when the bumps show up in the road of life, you have a place to turn to receive support? Where you can share your reality, and know that you’ll be heard and understood without judgement.

Both of us have needed, and reached out for, this kind of loving support when our lives presented challenges that felt overwhelming to handle alone. The gift of having a listening ear to give space to breathe has been a lifesaver.

You have the opportunity for this kind of care in our online community, the Nourish Circle. Connect with us and other women reclaiming their self-worth and their lives in our private Facebook group.

Bring your heart to the surface and we will listen and help you find your next right move. For when sharing feels too vulnerable and scary, that is OK, you can join us anyway. There is healing power in listening and learning from other people’s stories. #communityheals.

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See you there!

Kendra & Liberty

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