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Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you can just be you; without any pretenses? Where you can connect with other beautifully imperfect women journeying through this thing called life. Women who get you. Who will be there to support you on days when everything’s not ‘fine’, and who will be your biggest cheerleader for the days where it’s time to celebrate the win, no matter how big or small.


The Nourish Circle is just that. We’re a group of open-hearted women nourishing ourselves through connection with others, as we peel back our layers and bring our true selves to the surface.


Come Join Us


Tune in to hear more about how virtual community has been a healing space for us, and how you can experience this too.

Kendra & Liberty




Here’s the scoop on how to join and what will happen when you do:

Purchase a 12 month’s membership to The Nourish Circle for £23 (approximately $29). 

As part of the Nourish Circle, you get:

  • Monthly personal connection from wherever you are via video and audio group calls
  • Daily interaction through a private Facebook group
  • A jump-start to getting really clear on what you want and how to speak your truth, through a 4 part video training series
Join Us!

Want to drop in for one month’s call for £8/$10? Contact us, we’ll hook you up!


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