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Hi! I’m Liberty!

Here’s what I love…

…my 4 boys, safe resilient relationships, ‘Capital-T’ truth, making art, bumping into new parts of me and welcoming them home, and most of all the ‘Me too!’ moments that come in open-hearted vulnerable sharing.

I believe…

…in a nurturing and caring God, and in the healing power of community and relationships, and that getting in the Flow takes us where we need to go. Which is probably how you landed here!

I am committed to…

…my own recovery, and coming alongside others who want to be unabashedly themselves!


Here’s how I got here:

Several years ago the life I had controlled and carefully constructed crashed down with some news regarding my husband. I felt so sad, so much hurt, and tons of lonely, that everything I was doing came to a screeching halt.

I picked up some old bad habits (food deprivation and smoking) and blamed myself for how everything was going to shit. Beating myself up with the if only’s:  If only I’d seen, if only i’d paid attention better, if only I could tell the future…

But something shifted, and I realized that all those old patterns of thinking had landed me here and the only way out was to do something different.

So I did. Instead of holding in all my pain and grief, I started talking about it.

I literally stopped trying hard to contain the mess and let people in. I chose therapy and a support group tailored for people facing a similar crisis. I owned my feelings and began a non-linear recovery journey.  I stopped trying hard to figure things out and just took the next right steps, one step at a time.

I did things that didn’t make perfect sense, except my heart cried out for them and so I listened…  Voice lessons, a sustainable healing diet, really good emotional care, and tons of time with friends who could be honest about their own lows.  

What I found along the way, was other women struggling through their own messy moments who were stuck doing the same things and getting the same results. Women who also wanted to do something different but didn’t know where to start.

That’s when I began to realize my story wasn’t just happening for me, it was happening so lots of women could have hope about healing their lives. Because if I can find life on the other side of hurt, anyone can!

Perhaps you’ve tried lots of diets, exercise plans, and self blame and fixing circumstances; thinking that if you could crack the code on controlling your life and your emotions, then you would feel better and your life would magically be better. Those things have worked all the way ’til now.

‘Til you are sitting in your office chair reading this right before you leave for the day. ‘Til you are sobbing silently in the bathroom so your kids won’t hear. Laying awake at 2 am wondering what you’re gonna do now.

You’re wondering if i’m writing this to you.  I not just writing it to you, I’m writing this for you! I want you to imagine – just for a moment – that your life could really truly become something you’ve never dared to dream: absolutely your own!


Liberty Bain is a health coach, spiritual director, mom of 4, who is passionate about healing. She helps you find your ‘Sweet Spot’, that perfect place where everything feels aligned and it’s easy to be you.


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