meet kendraHey! Great to meet you!

Hear’s my story of what The True You Project did for me, even before it actually existed…

For most of my life, I hinged my identity on things like:

  • I’m the older sister.
  • I’m good at numbers.
  • I’m smart.
  • I’m a Christian.
  • I’m an Ivy League graduate.
  • I’m a Division 1 athlete and a Boston Marathon finisher.
  • I’m an excellent employee.
  • I’m a loving wife.
  • I’m a fun friend.
  • I’m a good coach.

Notice the pattern?

I saw myself through the lens of roles I played, and my performance in those roles.

With that comes a lot of expectations to keep it up, get it right, don’t screw up.

Those expectations kept me striving. Trying to keep up the pattern (because what would happen if I failed?!) and hiding parts of me that didn’t fit the mold.

In my late teens and 20s, this pattern manifested itself into an eating disorder. More recently, it’s caused conflict in my marriage, and struggles in business.

Thankfully, at some point in the past 5 years, I made a conscious decision that I was committed to doing life differently.

I experienced the freedom that I never thought was possible after finding my way out from bulimia, and as new struggles popped up (which I now know were the walls of the boxes I was trying to live within), I knew I didn’t have to settle for less.

And so slowly but surely, I started making changes in all areas of my life. Living as the True You wholeheartedly, not just as a part-timer.

It started with quitting a promising corporate career to find what really turned me on. And then back-packing the world, while trying on things that called to my soul, like… writing for fun, teaching English in Vietnam, camping without toilets, rock-climbing, and a whole bunch of other things I never did before.

Now it includes little daily things like…

  • laying in bed for awhile after the alarm goes off while I bask in the quiet of the morning.
  • regularly going for walks and coming alive as I breath in the fresh air.
  • experimenting in the kitchen… look at the recipe once and then see what happens!
  • connecting with other women on their True You path that inspire me and can laugh with me.
  • playing and working only when I’m inspired to do either.
  • singing at the top of my lungs (mostly when no one else can hear 🙂 ).

Instead of fighting who I am, I say, ‘bring it on!’

Sometimes our True You’s ask of us the little things. The things that keep us grounded and connected to ourselves. This way when the big things come up, like speaking out a potentially unpopular truth about your faith, you can courageously do it because you trust yourself.

This way of life has been a ride for me. Full of tears (which I never used to shed), joy (which I never used to let myself experience), and connection with some of the coolest souls I’ve met on earth, in addition to a pretty sweet connection with God.

In all of this, I’ve stopped hinging my identity on what I’ve done, but who I’m being, and who I know I am.

I invite you to continue on your True You journey. One, because it’s awesome and there’s no going back! And two, because our True You’s inspire each other.

When I see someone living as their True You, it inspires me. When I live as mine, I inspire others. And when you live as yours, you inspire someone else.

It’s the ultimate Pay it Forward.

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