Nourish. Connect. Awaken.

Let your True You come Alive in Italy!

Give yourself a beautiful experience. Connect to your True You in ways you can’t explain.

Join us between September 21-30 at the Abruzzo Borgo in Alanno, Abruzzo, Italy for as many nights as you can.  Leave feeling nourished and restored by that sweet spot that adventure, rest, and pleasure create. Start your day with yoga and meditation under the olive trees, clear your mind as you have time to self-reflect, and gain new insights from stimulating conversation with others, and give your physical, mental and spiritual health the attention it deserves.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Book your flights either to Rome, Italy (2 hour coach service from either Fiumicino or Ciampino airport) or Pescara, Italy (transportation from the airport to the Borgo is available.)
  2. Reserve your retreat spot with us through a non-refundable deposit of £125. Full payment is required by September 10th.
  3. Email trueyou.inspire[at]gmail[dot]com with your departure and arrival days.


We want your hearts desires to start coming to the surface now, so as soon you book you’ll receive:

  1. Your own Sacred Grounding Compass kit. You’ll have a tool leaving you feeling cleansed, expansive, and connected to what makes you come alive.
  2. A One-on-One Conversation with Liberty or Kendra. Get clear on what you want to get out of the retreat experience and this next phase of your life.
  3. Access to the Nourish Circle, a virtual meeting place for True You souls. You’ll be supported on your journey over the next 12 months.
  4. A Goodie Bag before you take off, and a personalized ‘surprise’ gift from us after we know you and your heart’s desires better.

All the Details:

When: Earliest check-in is Wednesday September 21st. Latest check-out is Friday, September 30th. You can stay for as many days as your life allows within that window. (We obviously vote for more, but that’s just us :) )

Where: We’ll be staying at the Abruzzo Borgo, a brand new holiday village in the heart of the Abruzzo region of Italy that was built so it’s guests can relax, connect with nature, and experience growth from the inside out. It’s nestled in the foothills of the Apennine mountains, only 30 minutes from the beach. Less than 2 hours bus ride from Rome (international connections), and 20 minutes to Pescara (Ryan Air from Stansted). Connect on Facebook and Instagram to see what it’s all about.

How Much? £125 (approx $165) per night for your own room in a 2-3 bedroom self-catering apartment. This includes your room, breakfast, dinner, and the full program of events. For example, arrival on Thursday September 22nd and departure on Tuesday September 27th is 5 nights stay (£625). Note: If this retreat feels like a YES for you, your True You’s heart’s desire, and money is the only obstacle to you being there with us, we have scholarship opportunities available. Here’s your next right move: You only have to do one thing… Get in touch. This is your first step to giving yourself what your soul desires instead of staying in that old pattern of assuming this just isn’t for you.

What will we do? You’ll get to experience the sweet spot where physical, spiritual, and mental health meetAnything and everything from laugh, sing, meditate, do yoga, Creative Kitchens, visit gelaterias, hike, swim, rest, and of course get clear on how we can let our True You’s loose right there and then, as well as back at home. 

#mytrueyou Comes Alive when we…

  • honour our bodies and show it kindness.
  • allow ourselves to experience the pleasure that we crave.
  • give ourselves our hearts desires.
  • surround ourselves with beauty.
  • go on an adventure and jump into a bit of the unknown.
  • make time and space to sit in stillness and rest
  • take ourselves on a journey and connect within.
  • find the sweet spot of loving connection with those around us.

Want this too? Let your True You Come Alive with us in Italy.

Connect with a community of like-minded people.

Watch your bright ideas come into focus.

Have a nourishing experience that you can’t explain.


Reserve Your Spot Now


Have Questions? Including how to apply for a scholarship? Leave us a message.

Is your Heart Saying Yes?

Listen to it.

We’ve learned that when our heart says yes, it’s easy for our head to get in the way. And your heart will keep doing what it needs to, to get your attention so that your desires can turn into a reality.

If you aren’t already using the 7 True You Questions that get you out of your head and connected to your heart, leave us a message (above) and you’ll get a nifty tool that will help you feel good about this, and any other heart-centered decision you need to make.

Whether or not you use the questions, we know that decisions feel good when they’re put into action with excitement and love! If joining us in Italy is a Yes for you, ride the wave of excitement and show your bank account some love by booking your flights. The number of times I’ve sat on this (Kendra speaking here), and left it to the last minute and then had the airfare change over night… ugh! That doesn’t have to happen to you!

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