Make Peace with your Feelings and Be Free

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Both of us have been living the lie of being ‘fine’ 95% time. No temper tantrums, hardly any tears, and no one having to tell us to ‘tone it down a bit’. There we were, robotically going through life, until the other 5% showed up (seemingly out of nowhere) and the dam burst open with an eruption of emotions.

The control and release of our feelings is a pattern that was a source of our disordered eating, and conflict in relationships.

Something a partner did would bother us, but they wouldn’t find out until 2 or 3 years later (messy!). Meanwhile we’d be going through the motions, in a state of tension and frustration, never really being happy or satisfied with life.

If this pattern has showed up for both of us, we’re guessing we’re not the only two women in the world struggling to connect with and express their emotions in a healthy sustainable way.

Part of our problem was not ever knowing HOW to access our feelings and stay present with them in a safe way to find a place of calm in the middle of feeling storm.

Thankfully there is a secret sauce that can help you be comfortable feeling the full range emotions, so you can actually be free to enjoy your life!

We’re going to share a process that has helped us stop fighting, stuffing, and numbing our feelings. These simple things have brought us a sustainable way to relate to our feelings, AND given us an experience of peace and true Joy.

Permission to feel is the #1 thing that has given us excitement for life without needing everything to go according to plan.

It is also the lynchpin to creating true connection to yourself so you can break dependencies on food, your body, alcohol, drugs, material things, or other people, to make you feel better about your life.

Join us for this FREE class where you can learn how to make peace with your feelings and live a full life!


We’ll be hosting this class LIVE on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 3pm BST, 10am EST, 7am PST so bring your questions. If you can’t join LIVE we’ll send you the replay!

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