Love Food Love Life

Explore your relationship to food, body, and self in a nourishing space.

You’re invited to a safe space to explore your relationship to food, body, and self. Come give and receive support as you move past negative thought patterns, grow self-acceptance, and allow for greater self-expression. Discussion topics will vary each week ranging from letting go of control, moving away from ‘shoulds’, replacing the common indulge/deprive cycle with the sweet spot of nourishment and pleasure, and caring for your body instead of punishing it. All are welcome, including those facing a diagnosable eating disorder.

£8 per session. Sundays at 12pm starting January 15th. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

Nourish Your True You

Connect to and nourish your truest self.

Come give yourself some space to pause and reflect on what is and isn’t working for you. Breathe in some nourishment as you connect with what is possible for your life. Each week a different tool will be shared that will help connect to and express your True You, leaving you grounded and with options of what you can start doing differently. We’ll explore a range of topics including connecting to our feelings, communicating effectively with love, moving past fears, creating balance in our lives, maintaining healthy boundaries, and more.

£8 per session. Sundays at 1:30pm starting January 15th. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.


Be the change you want to see. – Ghandi

Watching someone we love struggle and suffer with their relationship to food, body, and self can wreak just as much havoc on your life as it does theirs. It’s easy to see what needs to be fixed, and want to jump in and change their lives for them. Lasting change however starts from within, and it starts with each one of us. By embracing and becoming the change we want to see, healing ourselves first, we make room for healing to happen in the lives of those we love. Alongside workshops and talks, give perspective, support, and guidance, answering common questions such as: ‘What is actually going on?‘, ‘What can I do to help?’, and ‘What should I say?‘. The answers are often less about doing, and more about being the person that shows them love, respect, and compassion, and demonstrates how to give that to yourself first. These workshops will give you tips and tools to help grow and show your love as you walk alongside someone struggling with their relationship to food, body and self.

Workshops and talks are bespoke to your community. Get in touch to discuss how we can come alongside you.


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