Self-care Saturday


 Yoga. Aromatherapy. Facials. Creative Kitchens.

Spend the day connecting to your body and your heart through a nurturing yoga practice, cleansing facial, aromatherapy journalling experience, and Creative Kitchens, a fun way to explore your relationship with food.

This is your invitation to retreat.

What’s going on in your life right now? I bet you’ve got lists to be made, people depending on you, plans to be executed, and lots and lots of things that need to be done.

Instead of plowing and rushing through, you’re invited to hit the PAUSE button on your life. Give yourself a nourishing alternative to the busy-ness, the lists, and the have-to’s.

Dedicate a Saturday to restore connection between your heart and body so you can be present to your life. Come and give yourself the time you need to clear out space, replenish your soul, and create something new for your life.



Fill yourself up with heart-warming conversations, and give yourself space to listen to your heart with our restorative aromatherapy journalling experience, Sacred Grounding.




Slow down and pay attention to what you and your body need, as you move through a nurturing yoga practice and have a cleansing facial.




Strengthen your intuition, and nurture your playfulness as you try on a new way to relate to food. You’ll get creative in the kitchen, savouring the experience of making wholesome food together, and lingering as we sit down to share it together.


Join us July 29th from 12-6pm in Boise, Idaho.


  • $50 for you. $80 for you plus 1. $100 for you and 2 friends.
  • Space is Limited to 10.


RSVP by July 22


Your hosts:


Kendra Tanner – The True You Project

Christine Birch – Rodan & Fields

Mariah Crump – Yoga in the Canyon

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