Love Food Love Life

Explore your relationship to food, body, and self in a nourishing space.

You’re invited to a safe and supportive space to explore your relationship to food, body, and self. Come as you are and receive support to help move past negative thought patterns, grow self-acceptance, and allow for greater self-expression.

Discussion topics will vary each week ranging from letting go of control, moving away from ‘shoulds’, replacing the common indulge/deprive cycle with the sweet spot of nourishment and pleasure, understanding cravings, and caring for your body instead of punishing it.

All are welcome, including those facing a diagnosable eating disorder. Each week we go at the pace of the group. You are never asked to share more than you want to. Coming to listen and receive is fine with us!

£8 per session. Sunday April 9, May 7, June 4 at 12pm . Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

Express Yourself!

Connect to and nourish your truest self through music, movement, and song!

Give your mind a rest, your body a treat, and let your soul sing with intuitive song and dance. Here you have permission to take up space. No judgement. No limitations. Quiet your inner critic and boost your confidence for 75 minutes as you freely express yourself. You’ll be gently guided to sing and move your body without any shoulds, or right or wrongs. A practice that you can take home with you and do anywhere to help create a sense of peace and calm.

£8 per session. Sunday April 2, May 14, and June 11 at 12pm. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

True You: Feeling the Feels

Ever feel trapped by your emotions? You can feel them build up, but don’t feel like there is space for them in your life? And if they do show up, it’s rarely pretty! You’re not the only one, so here’s permission to feel the feels!

In this workshop, you’ll put a name to your feelings, learn how to notice the feeling in your body, and find out what that feeling can teach you about your true desires. You’ll leave with tools to help you recognize your feelings on a day-to-day basis so you can start living a fuller life where you don’t have to resist, numb, or comfort your emotions.

£10 per session. Sunday April 23rd at 12pm. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

True You: Permission for Yes and No

Ever find yourself saying yes when you mean no, or no when you mean yes? Caught in a cycle of denying your own needs in order to please others? Or giving so much of yourself that you are left tired and depleted? Been there! And guess what, you can start doing things differently!

It’s OK to have your own wants, needs, and desires, and create a life that honors them. In this workshop you’ll identify the pattern that you’re in, and learn an easy way to create healthy boundaries for yourself. You’ll leave with a simple tool to check-in with yourself about what does and doesn’t feel good in your relationships.

£10 per session. Sunday May 21st at 12pm. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

True You: Speaking your Truth with Love

Ever feel the stress of having to have one of ‘those’ conversations? One where there is something important to share but you know it might hurt the other person’s feelings, or impact your relationship? Instead of avoiding, or sugar-coating, the truth, there is a way to speak what’s true for you AND not only maintain the relationship, but even make it stronger!

In this workshop you’ll learn a technique to connect to what is true for you, and some tools to help craft a loving message that honors both you and the other person. Reduce anxiety and build your confidence in facing decisions and situations that take courage.

£10 per session. Sunday June 18th at 12pm. Click here to RSVP through Urban Zen.

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