kendra tanner, the true you projectHello! As someone who’s gone through an eating disorder, I know what it’s like to constantly fight with your food and your body.

You may or may not identify with having an ‘eating disorder’ and at the same time, this might sound familiar…

When life gets stressful, you…

Start controlling what you eat and deprive yourself of what you really crave. Or…

Your comfort comes from indulging in your favourite treats. Even though you’re full, once you start, you can’t say ‘no’. Or…

You’re somewhere in the middle, trying to undo last night’s binge with another new diet and visit to the gym.

Whatever your coping mechanism is to the pressures and uncertainties of life, we get it.

Regardless of where you are on the relationship-with-food spectrum, we’re here to encourage and guide you toward a sustainable way out of your current cycles.

We offer a road to recovering your true self, the purest part of you that is not defined by what or when you eat, or what your body looks like.

This road is filled with connection, courage, care, creativity, and lots more of You!

We’re here to help you heal from the story that says you’re not enough, and give you tools to give voice to your feelings, wants, needs, and desires, so that you can respond to life without controlling, comforting, or numbing with food.

We want to see you trusting yourself, waking up calm and confident, and creating a life that works for you and feels free.

So glad you found us!

-Kendra Tanner

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