The True You Project is here for women who find it hard to connect with their truth.

Yeah, we know, that’s cliché, so we’ll spell it out for you.

When you’re not connected with your truth, it looks like this:

  • “I don’t mind, we can do whatever you want tonight.” Even though you REALLY want to go out to eat at your favourite Italian restaurant for a romantic evening for two. You think you’re being ‘nice’ but this is also known as People-pleasing.
  • “What bar are you going to be at? Let’s meet up there later tonight and come home together.” Because you and your partner being out on the town together separately is unsettling, and you won’t be able to enjoy yourself unless you know when you’ll see him next. Say hello to Co-dependency.
  • “No problem. I can stay late at work tonight and work over the weekend.” Even though you know the new ‘deadline’ isn’t really an emergency, but since you can’t relax until the work is done, you might as well push through. Some people call this Over-achieving.
  • “Sure Mom, you and Dad can come over for dinner tonight.” Just one more thing to squeeze in between getting your one kid to soccer practice, the other one to her ballet recital, make brownies for the school fair tomorrow, and send the accountant the tax info. Liberty calls this the Over-active Obligation Gland.

And for whatever reason, it doesn’t just stop there. It’s hard to make decisions. You don’t know whether you’re coming or going. You find yourself looking for validation before pressing ‘SEND’ on that email.

It’s stressful, there’s a knot in your stomach. and it ends up playing out with food.

We know because we’ve been there. We’ve said and done all of those things and have experienced the toll it takes. It’s a huge weight to bear and for us, it ended up playing out with food and our bodies.

This probably sounds familiar too:

  • You’re constantly fighting with yourself so you don’t eat more than you ‘should’.
  • You’re not eating at all because you can’t face food.
  • You eat loads and then go for a 10 mile run, do circuits at the gym, or find yourself with your head over the toilet bowl.
  • You have a melt-down at the supermarket because there’s too much choice and you don’t know what the ‘right’ foods to buy are.
  • You would secretly agree that your relationship to food is disordered, but to admit you might have an ‘eating disorder’ would unravel you.

It all starts from the same place:

Disconnection from who you are.

Which is why we’re committed to helping you return to the woman you can trust and love.

So that when you look in the mirror you see an old friend, instead of a body and a person that you’re constantly poking holes in and trying really hard to change.


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