Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

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I’ve always been super critical of my face. When I was 11, I attempted a vain effort of reshaping my nose by pressing the tip of it upward so it wouldn’t end up long and droopy. I can look at my face and see cheeks that are too saggy, a shape that is too round, a chin that is multiplying, cheekbones that aren’t high enough.

Hypercritcal much?

I’ve had laughable moments with other women when we realize we have face-envy. They tell me how they want my full cheeks and I tell them I want their high cheekbones.

We each think the other is better off. What we have isn’t enough to us, even if it is enough to some one else.

Which is the whole point, right? We need to love and accept ourselves FIRST, before we are able to receive the love and acceptance of others.

We have to see our own beauty, before we can believe it when someone else tells us we’re beautiful.

Yesterday I was recording a video for an Embody dance class promo. It was fun. I was Embodying my sassy, sexy, leadership, and soul’s dance, on camera (in front of my husband the camera man, mind which was kinda-weird and kinda-just-what-it-needed-to-be.)

In watching the re-run I found myself for one of the few times in my life, actually liking what I saw. So much so, I wanted to capture the freeze frames, going there might be a good selfie in there.

PS This is NOT the norm. Usually I am settling for what I see, telling myself it is good enough. Slightly different than acceptance and appreciation.

I attempted to capture the ‘good’ shots, and ended up with some bloopers too.

I was going to delete the bloopers and that’s when I remembered….

All of this is ME. The split second that I might cringe, or be attracted to what I see is irrelevant to the person behind the photo.

I have to ask myself, do I like, dare to LOVE, me… regardless of how the photo comes out? Regardless of what my face looks like?

We’re bombarded with images of ‘perfect’. The expectations of what we are supposed to look like are cookie cutter and don’t embrace diversity. Which can wreak havoc on your self- and body-image if you are in the 99% that doesn’t look exactly like the cover of a magazine.

Today, let’s let go of ‘perfect’, and try loving who you are instead. Your whole self…. the beauty, the goofy, the double chin, the wide forehead, the frizzy hair, the wide eyes, the open heart,

Try this at home:

My guess is somewhere tucked away you have a photo of yourself that you criticize, thinking that, if you lost however many pounds, then you’d like your face better.

Find that pic, and study it to find at least one little spark of beauty. If you can’t find beauty, find one thing that you can appreciate. Maybe its the fact you were laughing and having a good time. Could you like who you were being? Then say, ‘I Love You’.

Then find a photo of yourself where secretly (or not so secretly) you like what you see. Give yourself permission to receive your own compliment. Look at it, and say ‘I Love You’.

Job Done.

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