Progress over Perfection

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This is the view from my window. Those fish tanks you see over to the right have been the bain of my existence. For the past year they’ve sat in the yellowy patches you see in the middle, the grass wildly growing up into the tanks. It was a chaotic eyesore that every day I’d stare at and wish was different.

One of the things that’s happened over the past 2 months is I’ve taken more ownership for everything in my life… even if things aren’t 100% in my control, what is one little step I could take toward what I desire for my life?

I desire a tidy and beautiful back yard.

So each week for the past 6 weeks I have taken one small step towards creating this. Mowing the lawn, clearing the overgrown grass on the walk way, weeding the driveway.

And then, this weekend it was clear the next right move was to shift the fish tanks.

Yes they are still in the garden and yes I still want them gone.

But! I can celebrate that there is not longer year-long grass growing inside them, they are positioned slightly more orderly, and they are mostly out of view.

Is there a part of your life that’s chaotic and messy and disordered that you just want fixed, yesterday? How could you give yourself this grace with your own recovery journey? What’s one small step you could take towards your own heart’s desires this week?


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