Want a consistent practice to create calm, clarity, and focus?

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Have you ever wanted to have a consistent practice of stillness, silence, meditation, breathing, pausing… 

And then you find yourself here:


You know it’s good for you.


You sit down to try it, and all of a sudden your legs are twitching to go for a run, your mind is jumping from one to-do list to another, your back is craving a downward dog.

You think, “I’m no good at this.”, “Why bother?”, and “What’s the point?”.

A few years ago I tried to create a consistent practice of slowing down, and this was exactly what happened to me.

I was frustrated with myself and went 3-4 months before trying anything similar again.

I now know I was experiencing was a combo of normal resistance to change, combined with not honoring myself in the process.

What I needed (and still need) is a moving meditation. My mind can quite a lot easier when my body is involved.

Sometimes that looks like swaying while I’m sitting. Other days it’s dancing.

You know else works and counts?


Letting my thoughts out of my head THROUGH my arm and my hand has been the #1 way I’ve been able to connect to myself and to spirit.

I do quite a lot of free-writing and journaling, and I’ve also come to accept that on some days, I really just want someone else to tell me what to write about. Just give me the questions to answer already!

And so I did this for myself.


Four years ago I stumbled upon a series of questions that helped me cut through all the b-s in my head, leaving me connected to a place of stillness inside.

It worked so well, I started a daily practice of using these questions (because why wait 4 months to try it again).


Since then they have become my go-to whenever I am feeling uncertain, worried, not sure what choice to make, unsettled, and that festered pissed off at someone.


These questions help me calm down, focus, get clear on what to do next, and dare I say make me a better person to be around.

Two years ago Liberty and I starting getting creative with these questions, adding in an oil blend that helps unlock your own personal truth, as well as even more journaling prompts that help you know yourself better. We call the whole shabang, My True You Grounds, which you can purchase here.

Whether or not you decide to include My True You Grounds in your tool-kit, we want you to have the core 7 questions, so you too can find that place of inner peace, especially when sitting on a rock for hours doesn’t do it for you.

We recorded a “How-to” for you that will show you how you can use these questions for yourself. Try it and see


Download a printable pdf of the questions here. My True You Grounds

We’d love to know how these help you create your own consistent practice.

What calm, peace, and clarity do you find within yourself?


What courageous, caring, confident, or creative “Next Right Moves” do you make?

Let us know so we can celebrate with you.


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Lots of Love,








PS What we’ve just shared with you is the simplest version of the process that our self-study guide, Your True You Journey, walks you through.

For those of you who want to create consistency in your stillness practice and know that right now you need structure, we highly recommend getting your hands on this.


It gives you 8 weeks of daily journaling exercises that get you unstuck from unhelpful patterns of control, self-judgement, and worry, so you can be the person you are created to be. Get your copy here.

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