Serve: Beauty is my Birthright

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About 18 months ago I was in a prayer/meditation, and these words sounded loud and clear:

‘Beauty is my Birthright’.

I didn’t really know what to make of them, but loved them enough to print on my next round of business cards.

Since then, the nature of those words have begun to reveal themselves to me.

  • One, that I am allowed to experience beauty. I am allowed to own my beauty, inside and out. It is a gift FOR me.
  • Two, that I get to create beauty. I get to spread it around.

For those of you who have known me over the years, you’ll know that beautifying myself is not where I spend my time, money, or energy. £10 haircuts, throw some make-up on while driving, remember to check that my clothes don’t have holes in them before I leave my house.

As much as I have craved for a certain type of beauty to signify my outward appearance, I have resisted accepting the version of beauty that has been given to me.

Instead of nurturing and caring for it, it’s been an after thought if I ‘have time.’   And of course, I never make time for it.

While I like identifying as ‘low maintenance’, I am waking up to the fact that by not owning my own beauty, inside and out, I am rejecting a gift, and doing the world a disservice.

For those of you who have met me more recently, you might have heard me make statements similar to this: ‘I don’t understand why all the houses in Wales look the same! There’s enough gray with the weather! Why don’t they spruce up their houses and add some color!’

I have been craving a certain type of beauty in my environment: homes architected with variety, colour, quality, and care. I’m tired of diesel-fume coloured pebble-dash and bricks. I want wooden cladding painted in cool inviting shades of blue, mellow yellows, and soft greens, with accenting trim and shutters around the windows to boot.

Lately I’ve been stopping to notice when someone has adorned their home with bright colours, snap a pic to capture it the memory, and then share it on Instagram as a reminder to myself that beauty and color is not far away from me.

And while I’ve contemplated pulling an Anne of Green Gables and rallying up the troops to spruce up the paint jobs of all the houses in Wales, I am starting with what is in my immediate sphere of influence,  i.e.  myself.

How can I create some beauty in my world?

Is it taking a little bit of extra care with my hair so I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed (even if I did)? Is it weeding my driveway so that it doesn’t look like vagabonds live here?

Beauty is my birthright. And if I don’t accept my own birthright, how can I expect others to accept theirs? If I am not owning and creating my own beauty, how can I ask others to do it for me?

If you haven’t already guessed, this is all linked to self-worth. Low self-worth has made me try really hard to turn my body into something that is more acceptable and beautiful. Low self-worth has made me tone down and hide my natural beauty so that I blend in, and by doing so am more acceptable.

Third option? Fully receive my worth and my beauty, my heart and my body, as a gift. To receive it and share it without striving or dimming.

What would that be like for you?

Share in the comments below and join us in The Nourish Circle to continue the conversation with other women reclaiming beauty as their birthright.

Lots of Love,


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