Rest: A simple self-care upgrade

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Do you know which part of my body I like the least is? My face.

For all the years I’ve tried to make my ass tighter and my abs flatter, I’ve secretly never really liked my face. Sometimes I catch a sideways glance in the mirror and I think, ‘That’s a good angle’, but usually I’m wishing my cheekbones were higher, my cheeks narrower, my chin pointier, my eyes… I’m not sure… just different.

This July I held a Self-care Saturday event at my sister’s, and as she led us through a Rodan & Fields mini-facial, she shared with us that recently, washing her face has become her ultimate form of self-care. With a 6 month old in tow, the 5 minutes a day to wash her face has become the greatest gift she can give herself.

We talked about an upgrade…. Since you’re looking at yourself anyway while scrubbing away, saying some kind words to yourself while doing so can turn this routine task into a time of heart connection with yourself.

Think about it…

What normally runs through your head when you look in the mirror? Is it delight or disgust?

What could you say to yourself that affirms who you are? If it feels out of reach right now, give some thought to this: What are the words you crave to hear from someone else right now?

Wanna know my words? You are doing so well. I am so proud of you.

Those words have nothing to do with my face at first glance, but it’s all connected.

I know the the more I value myself, be proud of who I am, that my presence is enough, the less I need my body or my face to look a certain way, and the more I like who I see in the mirror.

Here’s your next right move: Whatever part of your body you’re trying to fix, change, or wishing was slightly more ____, give the harsh critic a rest and speak some words of loving kindness to that part of yourself instead.

Want some support? Join us in The Nourish Circle to hear from other women who are trying a new way of relating to their bodies and self.

Lots of Love,


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