Learn: A 3-step practice to unleash your creative self

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The way my (Kendra) mind works sometimes, I want to have a clear definition of what does and doesn’t count as creativity or play before I get going. This ends up making me over-think my actions and be less spontaneous, which kind of puts a damper on the whole ‘create & play’ thing.

What’s helped me is to accept that everything counts as ‘art’ and ‘play’. They are two parts of life that by definition can not be measured!

Before diving in, practice the pause and check in about these 3 things:

  1. What shoulds or expectations do I have about my own creativity and play? Eg I should get my work done/house cleaned first before I do something fun and enjoy myself.
  2. How do I judge my own creativity and play? Eg I am the boring one and not creative enough to even bother.
  3. Any fears hanging around? Eg I’m afraid my partner is going to get upset with me and think I’m frivolous if I spend my time writing poetry that never gets published when I could be doing something useful like making money.

This combo of should, shame, and fear will always stop you in your tracks if you don’t pay attention to it. So to start notice what’s going on, and throw them all the truth-bomb that Everything Counts.

Every time you make something out of nothing (a connected moment with a stranger talking about the butterflies that are in season; #truestory), every word or image that expresses your experience of life, every randomly glued together pieces of fabric or paper that you can’t quite tell what ‘it is’ yet?…

It all counts because it is yours and it comes from you.

The fact you had the idea counts. Every action you take towards that idea counts. Regardless of the finished product.

Remember a few months ago we were focusing on feelings, and Lib shared this awesome quote: ‘Feelings are like fingerprints, they’re uniquely yours.’

Well, same goes for your creative and playful efforts. Whatever is an expression of you and whatever brings you joy… it counts because it’s yours!

You have value and so does what you make in this life, and what you make of it.

Make something new today, and have fun while doing it!

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