Move: It only takes 15 seconds to get started

One of my (Kendra) biggest challenges when it comes to being more playful and creative is making time for it. It’s not so much that I don’t have the time (I have the same 24 hours in the day that you have), but…

I’m in the habit of prioritizing other things in my life.

Usually cleaning the kitchen, watching a movie, sometimes it’s even as mundane as tweezing my eyebrows.

My 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up in November and I have not yet assembled our wedding album. The photos have been printed for 4 years. I have the photo album ready. But for 4 trips around the sun I have found a plethora of other things more important to do, than capture the memories of our wedding in a visual way.

Last month I read that it takes 15 seconds to create a positive imprint in our brains. I’m wondering if perhaps only 15 minutes of creative or playful endeavours would start to similarly rewire my brain to let go of the doing and make room for more being.

I’ll be trying that this month. Who’s with me?

And if 15 minutes still feels gargantuan…

Start with practicing the pause for 15 seconds.

I shot a video of this river flowing to serve as a practical reminder for me to slow down and breathe. See how you feel after stopping what you’re doing and breathing along with it for 15 seconds.


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