Move: Rest as you move

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Ok this one is a bit of a paradox. Rest and move at the same time?

Thing is, resting doesn’t have to mean lying in a hammock 24/7 (although that does sound tempting.) We can move our bodies and still be embracing the spirit of rest.

It’s not what we do, but why we do it.

So as you’re going through this month, check in about how you’re feeling about how you’re moving your body. Is there a massive ‘should’ to get fit and workout more if you have more time off work? Or is the fear of what you look like at the beach getting the better of you and driving you to the gym?

See if you can tune in to what your body actually enjoys and makes you feel super connected to yourself and nature.

It might be *only* a 10 minute beach walk in the morning, an evening dip in the pool (without doing laps), or an impromptu jump into the lake at sunset. See if you can shift any ‘have to’s’ to ‘want to’s’, and notice how much more rested and fulfilled you feel.

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