Rest: Remember to Breathe

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Even though I have a standing practice of beginning each day with a least a few minutes of gratitude, prayer and meditation, I often struggle to stay above the waves before noon.

I’m human. I’m still recovering and I easily forget: Presence > Performance.

My mind starts spinning and before my feet hit the floor, I feel pressure that says “it’s time to produce!”  When I’m busy spinning about all I have to do, I easily lose touch with my ‘why’ and the truth of who I am.

 I forget that resting, pausing and connecting with my breath can be exactly what I need to practice my presence being enough.

Just when I knew it was time to work on this little discrepancy in my heart, along came an app.  A new acquaintance mentioned using the free app, Calm,and shared that it helped direct her back to peace by resting and connecting with her breath when she got off track during the day.

I downloaded it immediately and cannot believe how helpful it is at reorienting my heart back to capital-T truth. All it takes is about 10 breaths with the cool chimes and I feel like I have a totally different perspective on my to-do list and what’s really important. I’ve used the guided meditation solo, and with my 11 year old, and it’s really comforting and grounding.  

In the middle of crazy busy, when it seems completely ridiculous and counterintuitive, reconnecting with my breath is my next right step.

And since I’m human, I need a tool to help me make ‘taking a break and resting’, a regular practice.  A lot of days I don’t have time to nap, but I always have time to breathe. And I bet you do too.

Try it and let me know how it helps you,

Sending peace,


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