Move: Trust and Celebrate your Body

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When it comes to making decisions, including saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to something, it’s easy to get caught up in your head… What’s the right answer? Is this logical? What’s the impact going to be?

But your body, in all of it’s magnificent glory, often has the answer before your brain can compute.

Here’s what we recommend to practice tuning in to your body to see if your ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is actually what you want.

  1. Be still and breathe for at least 1 minute (set a timer if it helps)
  2. Connect with your body (move it if you need to) and see how you feel within your body

If you’re body is feeling tense, tight, or any other discomfort, chances are you’re not ready to make the decision yet.

If you’re feeling open, expansive and relaxed in your body, that is great. A full-bodied, unqualified YES or NO is the place to aim for.

It doesn’t matter what your answer is, so long as it is coming from a place of Truth and Love. And funnily enough, our bodies can often know that place better than our heads can, so go on and be grateful for, celebrate, and trust your body.

If you’re finding it hard to connect with your body, here’s what we’d recommend to build that muscle. Practice moving to music (some people call this dance 🙂 ).

When you let your body tune into the sound that you’re hearing and then move freely on it’s own, without your head dictating ‘go left!, now go right!’, you are building trust with your body and yourself.

Check out this playlist that Kendra put together to help you move through a range of feelings and emotions. Trust yourself and your body that you have what you need within you to feel the full range and give yourself permission to be Free to be Me, whatever that looks like, while moving.

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