Rest: Two ways to feel more peace and calm

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Fighting, stuffing, and numbing our feelings can be absolutely exhausting! The amount of mental and emotional energy it takes leaves us flat out and we don’t want that for you! Here are some real-life examples where we have been practicing doing something different to step out of the feeling storm.

Situation #1: (This is Kendra here). I’m aware that the bank account is running low and I’m not certain if the next deposit will arrive before the next bill has to be paid. There is low-level anxiety and fear brewing and I find myself in an old pattern of mindlessly wandering in and out of the kitchen, searching the cupboards and the fridge for something to nibble on.

Sound familiar? Here’s what I’ve been practicing instead that you can try too:

  1. Make yourself a comforting beverage like a hot cup of tea of your favourite flavour (I love fennel or liquorice!).
  2. Light a candle or diffuse some essential oils (like our Grateful or Lift blends!).
  3. Press the Pause button and sit in your favourite comfy chair and for 3 minutes, sit with your anxiety and make friends. ‘Hello there anxiety, I see you, you’re being heard, what do you want to tell me? What is it you need right now?’
  4. Breathe in: I give you my fear. Breathe out: I receive your love. Repeat with your breath for 3 minutes.
  5. Then take a close look at your surroundings and notice how abundant your life actually is. Be grateful for at least 5 things you see.

Lately when I notice I am going into a scarcity mindset, I look around my living room and notice all the amazing objects of beauty that are adorning my space. I become grateful for the handwoven blanket hanging on our wall that we bought in Vietnam. I am grateful for my coffee table book with stunning pictures of the Italian countryside. I am grateful we have a TV to watch entertaining programs or TED Talks on, for my coffee table, my dining table etc.

I keep being grateful until I can feel it in my bones.

Do the same, and then repeat one of my favourite affirmations: “I have all that I need, abundance and wealth flow easily and effortlessly to me.” (Which goes great with some Wild Orange essential oil!)

Situation #2: (This is Liberty here.) I’m feeling lonely and fear that I have no one to connect with or understand the storm I’m currently trudging through. I am on my way to a business meeting and need some vulnerable connection before I get there so I can be the vibrant, caring woman I want to be.

Here’s what I’ve been practicing when I feel lonely that I highly recommend:

Phone a friend. Or six.

For real, keep calling until you get the support and connection you need.  This is actually what I did last week in the very situation described above. I tried three support team members until I got someone who had 15 minutes to listen, care for, and comfort me. I told the truth while she listened to me spew. And then she asked, “Is that all, or is there more you need to share?” I practiced being honest about my feelings; open and willing for connection and truth to remind me that it’s actually impossible not to be me.

We’d love to hear what wins you have with these tips or other tools you use to get yourself out of a negative feeling storm spin. Leave a comment below, or connect with us in our private facebook group The Nourish Circle to join in the conversation there.


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