Move: Let it all Out

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One of the reasons why I love dance so much, is it gives me a safe place to feel my feelings. When I let my body move in synch with the music, it creates just enough trust for my head to slow down so my body can do it’s thing… including feel. I’ve felt the full range through dance… tears of sadness have flown as well as laughter and practically ecstatic joy. And I’ve also faced and been able to release some pent-up anger and rage.

My encouragement to you is to try this at home for yourself. Clear out some space in a favourite room of yours, turn off your phone, plug-in the tunes, and just see what happens.

Remember that everything is allowed. You don’t need permission to cry, or shout, or bang the wall, or jump around like a giddy child. And if you do, here’s your permission now. It is all OK. Even the sexy hip circles that someone once told you were too provocative… it’s even ok to feel sexy.

If you don’t know where to start music-wise, here are some playlists I’ve danced to that help me let it all out. Let me know what hits home for you. Leave a comment below or connect in our private FB community, The Nourish Circle.

This one helps me feel happy, sexy, and empowered.

This on helps me let go of my frustration and anger and feel strong.


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