Note to Self… Permission for Joy

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Note to self… I am allowed to experience Joy.


I don’t have to pretend life sucks when really I’m having fun.

I don’t have to take the long road just because the shortcut seems to easy.

I can trust that the big neon-flashing sign pointing to the shortcut saying ‘Go This Way’ is there to help me avoid heartache and pain.

I don’t have to hide my body when I know it looks damn good.

I don’t have to hide my body when I know losing a few pounds would do me some good.

I can own my own sexy.

I don’t have to have multiple dress rehearsals in my head for the drama that I don’t actually want to happen.

I don’t need to carry the weight of my past all alone.

I can ask for help when I need it.

I don’t have to be ashamed of the gifts I’ve received.

I don’t have to fight to earn a privilege that I inherited (I mean, why start life as an amoeba all over again?)

I don’t have to sabotage my life just because I’m the only one who thinks I’m not worthy.

I can be open to receiving all the good that is right there for me.

I can accept the truth wherever I find it.

I can reject the lies, whomever I hear them from.

I can taste without guilt. I can speak without fear.

I can move without judgement. I can hear without analyzing and just let it move me.

I can say ‘No’. When I want to. Just because.

I can say ‘YES! Give it here! Yes, that is for me!!!!’

I can dance naked in the moonlight and shower in the rain.

I can inhale the sweet scent of winter, spring, summer, and fall (because all you gotta do is call…)

I can bathe myself in the sound of the crickets.

I am allowed to feel the full range of feelings.

I am allowed to say a big F-U to whomever and whatever it is that has hurt me. And I’m allowed to love it just the same.

Joy is permitted. It’s been given a hall pass. Heck, here’s a passport. You are allowed into my world.

You can stay past 90 days.

You can set up house.

You can dust off the old curmudgeon that’s been living here.

You’re invited to show me the possibilities for this life.

Give it to me baby. (Uh-huh, uh-huh).

Written by Kendra Tanner

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