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Part of our letting go this month is accepting that we don’t have all the answers, wisdom, or expertise that may serve you. We don’t have to be your guru, or even your sherpa, just two women who want to share what works for us in the hopes it might serve you. Here are 4 of our favourite guides that we are eating up at the moment.

Liberty is loving….

Sage Hill Counseling

I have been seeing a therapist at Sage Hill counseling in Nashville for over three years. I don’t talk about it much, but my regular sessions have given me hope, enabled me to plant strong roots down into me, open my eyes to see my own contributions to unhealthy cycles, and help me explored different choices as I get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have shared their list of the eight basic feelings more times than I can count. This year I signed up to participate in Sage Hill Training for people who help people. Some of the informative, challenging and amusing lectures from that training are available thru their podcast. Check out this podcast that gives an overview of our 8 core feelings, and this one just for fun. Be aware they teach from a Christian perspective.

Dean Street Society

You know how the internet works, where sometimes people or sites will land in your inbox or come across your screen but when your try to run a trace on how, you come up empty handed. I call those things graces. Which is how I was introduced to Hilary Rushford and Dean Street Society. Feeling a little too far vested in legging-land, I signed up for her *free* three part style series (as in upgrade your wardrobe!). I adored her experience, honesty, spunky-ness and faith. I would have signed up to take her online style 6 week class, but I am committed to other things right now. It is certainly on my desire list for later this year. What I love is that she speaks our #trueyou language about style and business growth… very real, very relatable. Lots of awesome freebies on her site and her insta account (@hilaryrushford) is definitely worth a follow.  Check it out and let us know what your think.

Kendra is staying grounded with….

Richard Rohr

For the past 11 months I’ve been starting my day opening an email from Richard Rohr and his Center for Action and Contemplation. I grew up in a very conservative Evangelical Christian community (no sex before marriage, kiss dating goodbye, and weekly altar calls in case you missed out on ‘getting saved’ last week.) I was exposed to alot of fear, judgement, and shame that I am still trying to shake. I’ve wrestled with Christianity as an adult, torn between what I can identify as capital-T truths within the dogma, and my dislike of the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ mentality and rituals that make me feel like a mindless sheep. Then last year I stumbled upon Richard Rohr through the site, The Work of the People,  and I felt like I could finally breathe. Permission to accept the truth and reject the rest. This permission has helped me have more forgiveness of my religious conditioning, and given me freedom to just be me with my connection to my higher power. His daily meditation emails and books can be slightly heady, but stick with it if your past or current experience of Christianity isn’t working for you anymore and you could use a fresh (and ironically historic) perspective.

Thomas Campbell

More recently I’ve come across another wiz-kid, Richard Rohr’s brother from another mother who has never donned a clergy robe, but develops US missile defense systems by day and guides people to Love by night. My husband found him on youtube, God knows how, and Thomas Campbell is the first person who has been able to talk about Love being at the core of our being, in a way that my left-brain, logical, evidence-based husband can relate to. Picture Jesus explaining The Matrix. I’ve been digging him too. While his Big TOE (theory of everything) may seem a bit out there (a virtual reality?) it is no crazier than some of the stuff I was taught in Sunday school. And big Tom, as I refer to him, is never asking you to believe him, just explore what he’s talking about for yourself. The impact it’s had on me and my husband, is that for once we are speaking the same language… that our purpose here is to be an expression of love, and our life is an invitation to notice where our belief systems, our judgements, and our fears are getting in the way. I’d recommend starting here.

Let us know who you are digging lately. We love learning from new people!

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