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Barbara Ferrier: Following her soul’s desire to create art even when she was told her art wasn’t ‘good enough’.

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Barbara is an artist who has followed her intuition and her calling to blend art with story-telling. Even though she was told that she wasn’t naturally talented, and has faced some harsh critics over the years, she has stood firm in following her True You calling. She now blends her art with her love of story-telling through the Courageous Women Project, a series of portraits that profile women who have overcome adversity and are building strong communities to help others. Find out more about Barbara and her work at




In this Real, Raw & Related conversation Barbra Ferrier shares how:

  • She learned to follow her intuition and trust herself (and how you can too).
  • An accident prompted her to follow her path (and how negative circumstances can work for you instead of against you).
  • Focusing on the process vs the finished product allowed her to move forward in the face of judgement.
  • All the experiences in her life have led her to what she’s creating now.


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