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Anne-Sophie ReinhardtHow a Journey with Food was Really one of Love




After a 14-year long battle with food and her body, Anne-Sophie successfully healed her relationship with herself and is now on a mission to help others find the peace, freedom and happiness she lives every day.

She strongly believes that liberty from your obsession with food and your body is possible and that you can always reclaim the feeling of worthiness that is your birth right.



In this Real, Raw & Related conversation, Anne-Sophie shares:

  • How perfectionism and people-pleasing played a part in developing anorexia.
  • How facing her true self, who she really was, one of the scariest and also most critical part of her recovery.
  • Some baby steps you can start to take that lead to permanent change.
  • How slowing down, listening and noticing what is real, and taking small actions helps to connect to your body, love it, and love yourself.

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